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More than a Shirt.

As immigrants and children of immigrants we often feel that there's a part of us missing. That no matter how far we make it, we never want to let go of our beginnings and where it all started. 

Our de aquí y de allá tee is a subtle reminder that you'll always be a child of many cultures. That you'll always be from here and from there no matter what others tell you. 


Bievenidos a Descalza.

We were born in Latino America, but raised in the States and we can't be more proud. We're proud to be a child of many cultures and now have the opportunity to support both our communities. "El de aquí, y el de allá." 

That's why when there's a special occasion we wear our rich colors that showcase our heritage. We wear the fabrics that tell our story. 

-Founder & Designer Carolina Arias

Have a special occasion coming up?

Whether it's a wedding, gala, a quince, or even an interview, all eyes will be on you. You ready? 

Don't worry. We'll take care of what you're wearing. Our founder will work with you to create a one-of-a-kind piece that'll turn all heads when you arrive. 



Our Artisans. They work for their families.

Our artisans aren't looking for charity. They want to work. That's why every purchase made allows them to weave more fabrics, earn a proper* income, and support their families. 

*We work with artisan cooperatives who ensure proper pay and safe working conditions are their first priority. 


Nuestra Voz

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