Need more information on something? Below are frequently asked questions we've received in the past. If you have additional questions that aren't answered here, feel free to email hola@descalza.co.


How is my purchase making an impact on the artisans?

You’re changing the game when you purchase from Descalza. Our artisans are incredibly talented, but unfortunately we live in a world where people take advantage of the little guy and never give them credit. When you purchase Descalza not only are you supporting their craftsmanship financially, but you’re making a statement to everyone who is watching. You’re showing to the world that you can look good by supporting citizens of communities who are many times overlooked.

How are the artisans compensated?

Since we are a young company and are still learning how to be at two places at once, we work with artisan cooperatives who are directly connected to the artisans and guarantee safety and proper pay. These cooperatives have devoted years to building trustworthy relationships with the artisans and their sole mission is to provide valuable opportunities for them.

Once resources are available for Descalza, our goal is to create our own cooperatives with artisans in their respective countries, so that we have an even more direct contact with them. Until then, we’re working with what’s already there.

How do you find the cooperatives?

Most of the time we work with cooperatives who we have a direct contact with or were referred to by a close friend. We’re extremely lucky that our friends and customers travel throughout Latino America and when they find a cooperative they connect us to them! We follow up by researching the cooperative and then traveling to where they’re based.  

Do you do the designs on the fabrics?

Nope. We’re working with designs and patterns the artisans have already made. Sometimes we ask to make small alterations, but nothing too big. At the moment, we are working with fabrics made on the traditional weaving loom. When we start working with backstrap weaving or embroidery that’s when the storytelling happens through the patterns.

Are all your artisans women?

Nope. Our artisans are very family oriented, so everyone weaves! Most of the time the weaving loom is worked by men since the women focus more on intricate weaving like backstrap or embroidery. However, each country has its own process. For right now, Guatemala and El Salvador fabrics are led by men and their families.


What does made to measure mean?

These fabrics take months to weave, so we want to make sure they have a home before we bring in the scissors. That's why we don't make any clothing pieces until you've made your purchase and have shared your measurements with us. This process allows us to make a piece that's special to you and guarantee the work of the artisans doesn't go to waste.

I got my clothing pieces but they don’t fit.

We’re aware that this will happen. As much as we want to avoid this problem by having you measure yourself, it can still happen.

If your piece is too long or too big we can fix it. Just send it back to us and tell us by how much it’s too big or too long so we can make the alterations via email (hola@descalza.co).

If your piece is too small we will try to make you a new one. Keep in mind that it’ll be some time till we can send you the new piece. 

Any other scenarios please email us (hola@descalza.co) so we can work through your specific situation.


I changed my address. How do I fix that?  

Oh no! Email us (hola@descalza.co) and write CHANGED ADDRESS on the subject line.

What’s your shipping policy?

All our orders, both domestic and international, are shipped through USPS First Class and UPS respectively. Your shipping cost will be calculated at checkout.

What’s your return policy?

If you’re not satisfied with your purchase please let us know. We’re a super young company and have so much to learn!  Tell us what happened through email (hola@descalza.co).

We accept returns within 30 days after we ship your purchase. Since we make our inventory after orders are placed we are unable to make exchanges.

How long do I need to wait for my order?

We don’t have a warehouse where all the clothes are sitting there collecting dust. We make all our pieces fit for you. With that said, it’s a long process. After you place your order give us at most 2-6 weeks to make it and ship it to you.

The first step (depending if we have fabric in stock) is to weave the fabrics in Latin America. Then, the fabrics are sent to our NC manufactures. They work as fast as they can, but because they’re in such high demand they can be on backorder. Once the pieces are made, they’re sent to our HQ in Raleigh for quality check and packaging. From there we ship it to you.


How do I wash my tie and clutch?

Wash if it’s needed. Do not machine wash or dry. Instead dry clean. If you can’t dry clean then wash by hand with cold or warm water. Remove excess water with a towel and then air dry. You can steam or iron on hot.

How do I wash my clothes?

Wash if it’s needed. It’s best to wash it by hand (see instructions on how to wash the tie), but if you can’t then you can machine wash in warm water, tumble dry in low setting, and then steam/iron on hot.


I want Caro, the founder, to speak at my event!

The best way to reach her is through email (hola@descalza.co). Forgive her if she takes a while to reply. She’s the soul of this company, so you can just imagine how much is on her plate.