I Wear Descalza Because I Am PROUD

I Wear Descalza Because I Am PROUD


Before Descalza became a trending Kickstarter Project I knew it would be a success. I backed Descalza along 268 others not just because of what it stands for, but also because of the person behind the dream.

I have known Lisbeth Arias for eight years now and known about her dream of infusing her culture and heritage into fashion for almost as much time. In these years I have come to know her as a person who embodies all the traits of an immigrant; tenacity, sense of community, and pride. With these traits Lisbeth has created a sustainable business model that allows her to meld two cultures and countries that she calls home while expressing their unique qualities. This is a task that I know she had difficulty with growing up in a foreign land where it is simply easier to assimilate and let go of your history.

And now, these clothes share that same story with you. Descalza’s story began with an immigrant’s dream and a community of 269. A community that continues to grow with allies and children of multiple cultures. These clothes are for you. Descalza is for you, and me.

I wear Descalza because it encourages knowledge of and the bridging of our cultures over appropriation. I wear Descalza because it gives me a sense of community with no barriers; lo mio es tuyo. I wear Descalza because it represents my story. I wear Descalza to commemorate my family who toiled away so that I could have a better life here in the United States.  I wear Descalza because it reminds me of all the lessons I have been taught by my immigrant mother. I wear Descalza because I am PROUD. #wearDescalza, #weAreDescalza

-David Perez