I wear Descalza Because Es Parte De Mi Cultura

May 28, 2018

I wear Descalza Because Es Parte De Mi Cultura


I am very particular about what I wear. I find myself sometimes being indecisive about a shirt or pair of pants. But I really enjoy Descalza because of the cultural feeling I get from It. I feel really connected to the fabric and colors. Lisbeth has done an amazing job at creating a personal touch for the wearer.

I backed Descalza because of the story behind it. Lis has a powerful one and I really relate to it. Being the son of immigrants, my culture is a huge part of my identity and I’m super proud of it. I can remember trips to Mexico, walking through el mercado, all the colors, the people, the food, etc.. These pieces of clothing remind me of those days, of kickin’ on the playa con un horchata, en la hamaca, being with my family.

I wear Descalza because es parte de mi cultura.

-David Rashidi